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[Thread] Spars and Talks [Kiba, Hinata]

To say she was nervous wasn't exactly correct; there was more going through her mind than she could rightly acknowledge. But Kurenai's suggestion had been helpful, and was the only thing Hinata could really see as viable at this point.

She'd told Kiba early afternoon, but she arrived at the training grounds well before noon. She spent most of that time training on her own, trying to rid herself of the excess nervous energy that wouldn't go away. The last thing she wanted was to be jittery when Kiba finally arrived--she had enough trouble speaking when she wasn't worried.

Noon came and passed and she still didn't feel the least bit tired, but she stopped and found a place to sit, back against one of the training posts. Maybe planning out what she would say would make this easier.

...She hoped.
Tags: hinata, kiba, march year 24, rp thread
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