sakura_blizzard (sakura_blizzard) wrote in new_leaf_rpg,

[Thread] Whistle while you work [Sakura, Hana, Kakashi]

Sakura was annoyed. For several reasons, one of them being that she was now on her hands and knees reaching into the back of a cabinet and growling under her breath about time wasted. She'd flung open all the cabinets and false panels and loose floorboards, leaving a veritable minefield behind as she scoured for any place that she and Shizune could've missed.

Needless to say, the thought didn't make her happy. When she and Shizune had finished cleaning the place out, she'd been fairly confident she'd found every possible place anyone could ever put anything in the office. Being told she'd missed a spot made her want to punch things. Hard.

But that was the council for you.
Tags: hana, kakashi, march year 24, rp thread, sakura
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