new_leaf_npcs (new_leaf_npcs) wrote in new_leaf_rpg,

Mission Desk

Objective: A scroll in the Hokage's tower was found alluding to Godaime's secret stash. While this is most likely either (a) sake (b) gambling debt slips or (c) both with a dash of more sake, it is still a potential security risk. And it is safe to assume that any place the Godaime tried to hide something will be riddled with booby traps.

Rank: B

Who: 2-3 of jounin rank

(if interested in volunteering, please reply to this post ICly)
Tags: mission desk
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Hmm. Beats manual labor. I don't mind helping out.
My ninken and I will be happy to assist.

Beats manual labor, indeed.
But I thought Shizune and I found everything? Ugh, don't tell me there's more places she put things...
Apparently not everything. So Sakura...have you ever heard of Tsunade speaking of a "secret stash"?
You think she actually talked about it? D:

I found half of the "secret stash" by being nosy or walking in on her putting it away. And that was the secret stash she tried to hide from me. Not to mention what she tried to hide from Shizune. Or the stash she hid from everyone else. Think of it like classified files, there's varying levels of classification. If there's some that I don't know about, I don't want to know where she put it, I searched that office from top to bottom and I know where practically every false panel and floorboard is.

But then again...we didn't check the ceiling. Hmm.

I'll come with you so you know the spots we already checked, not that it would hurt to check them again.