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New Leaf: A Naruto RPG's Journal
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Thursday, January 29th, 2009
11:24 pm
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
8:04 am
All good things...
Cross-posted to the mod journal, the main community, and the ooc community:

Due to lack of interest, new_leaf_rpg has been declared
closed and dead.

To all of our lovely players: though we are saddened at the game's death, we still think you are awesome and we will miss you.

The Mods
Saturday, May 24th, 2008
9:38 pm
Sasuke's Office [Sasuke, Karin]
It was plain to everyone that was Karin was at the tail end of her renowned short fuse as she stormed up the hall towards Sasuke’s office, shoving who she needed to out of the way. She was set to go off in an explosion just as loud as her firecracker red hair. Coming to a hault, her teeth grit together and she tapped her foot, waiting for the office assistant to announce her before she went in.

As soon as she was called, her heels clicked loudly and she flew into the office, stopping before him and crossing her arms.

“I DON'T KNOW what the interrogation squad did to her, but either the Hyuugas are THE SECOND MOST OBSTINATE, INSUFFERABLE, AND HOLIER-THAN-THOU CLAN ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET or someone DE-EVOLVED to back when Orochimaru-sama was in charge while she was in their custody and was excessively hard on that kid!”

Realizing that she was shouting, Karin removed her glasses and pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’m losing my wits. Sorry for my unprofessional behavior right now, but, professionally, it's causing a MAJOR problem for her recuperation.”
Saturday, May 17th, 2008
10:58 pm
[Thread] On The Road Again [Isamu, Osamu, Sakura, Kiba]
Kiba decided that it was nice to be on a mission again. It was weird, and a little upsetting, to be without his normal team, but still- being out was good. He loved his home, he always would, but the world kept turning and they still needed to be taking missions. One with missing people was good for Team 8 all around. But Shino was still out and Isamu, Osamu, and Sakura were all good people to work with.

...heh. Poor Sakura.

They had been on the road for a few days now, and they should have been hitting their destination, either later that night or the next day. Kiba himself was taking point, riding easily a top Akako. The weather was nice, and the mission had been easy for these few days. He could tell- this was going to be just fine.

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, May 5th, 2008
7:01 pm
Mission Desk
Objective: On the outskirts of the Fire Country, freshly deceased bodies and civilians are going missing. It is unknown how many bodies have gone missing, or even how many people. Shinobi for this mission have the task of finding out why the bodies are missing, why civilians are missing, and to put a stop to the person(s) involved, if any.

Rank: B

Who: 4 of Chuunin level or above
Saturday, April 12th, 2008
9:19 pm
Birthday celebrations
((OOC: Backdated to Saturday March 29th, and open to everyone in Konoha that Hanabi invited either directly or indirectly))

The Lotus was modestly decorated. Hanabi hadn't asked for any sort of decorations, but the staff said that it had been a long time since they'd gotten to use them. Hanabi wasn't going to bother arguing if they were choosing to decorate for their own reasons. After all, it had been quite some time since any celebrations had occurred, and it was far enough from the big attack on Konoha that a small occasion was warranted.

The young Hyuuga didn't care if anyone brought her any presents. Given the war going on, it was a gift to be able to get together with family and friends, and to have a moderate sized group all able to show up at once. However, she knew some presents were coming and was glad that Sakura had advised her to be cautious about anything Ino might give.
Friday, March 28th, 2008
4:18 pm
[Thread] Spars and Talks [Kiba, Hinata]
To say she was nervous wasn't exactly correct; there was more going through her mind than she could rightly acknowledge. But Kurenai's suggestion had been helpful, and was the only thing Hinata could really see as viable at this point.

She'd told Kiba early afternoon, but she arrived at the training grounds well before noon. She spent most of that time training on her own, trying to rid herself of the excess nervous energy that wouldn't go away. The last thing she wanted was to be jittery when Kiba finally arrived--she had enough trouble speaking when she wasn't worried.

Noon came and passed and she still didn't feel the least bit tired, but she stopped and found a place to sit, back against one of the training posts. Maybe planning out what she would say would make this easier.

...She hoped.
Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
5:38 pm
Changes [Neji, Hinata]
Neji leaned against the wall next to the entrance to the compound as he waited for Hinata. The twins weren't on gate duty, for once. Either they were enjoying some free time or they were assigned elsewhere. The ones who were on duty he exchanged greetings with and that had been it.

It felt weird, being on the outside like this. Not just literally, but mentally, too. But Tsuda-taichou had confirmed Neji's appointment before slapping him on the back. Hard. So in addition to a hand-shaped bruise on his back, now Neji had the fun task of informing his uncle of the news. First things first, however: he needed to tell Hinata. He glanced skyward when his peripheral vision caught flakes falling. The sky, leaden with clouds, was finally releasing the snow it had been hoarding for the past week. And judging by the way it was sticking, it would be quite a bit of snow. With a mental sigh he zipped up the front of his jacket before pulling the hood up as well, and hoped she wouldn't be too long. Their talk could possibly take a while.Collapse )
Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
9:32 pm
Catch-22 [Neji, Asuma]
[takes place one week after Asuma's named Hokage and the office has been cleared of traps]

After so long of no Hokage, being summoned to the Tower by the new Hokage felt a little odd. At the same time it felt good to have someone in that position once more. Things seemed a little more 'right'. It also amused Neji to some extent that his former sempai was now his Hokage. The fact he knew Asuma wouldn't be very keen about this promotion only added to it. As he placed the beaked mask over his face, he pushed away his mirth. Indeed, all emotion he left behind before even leaving the walls of headquarters and traversing the rooftop-path to the Tower. He was Falcon, summoned by his Hokage for reason yet to be revealed. Questioning his superior was not in his nature. A brief pause as the sentries guarding Hokage-sama paused to verify who he was, and then Falcon slipped inside the office the way only ANBU knew how.

Falcon had not been inside the Hokage's office since before the Godaime's death. The sight of papers everywhere needing attention was not new. The lack of little knickknacks collected by Tsunade-sama over the years was gone. But the same hat and robe hung on in the open closet to the side. He took that all in in a moment before crouching before the desk; one knee and one fist pressed to the ground, his head at an angle to where his mask made it appear he looked to the floor but in fact his eyes tracked the Hokage's every move.

''You sent for me, Hokage-sama?''Collapse )
Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
9:57 pm
[Thread] Whistle while you work [Sakura, Hana, Kakashi]
Sakura was annoyed. For several reasons, one of them being that she was now on her hands and knees reaching into the back of a cabinet and growling under her breath about time wasted. She'd flung open all the cabinets and false panels and loose floorboards, leaving a veritable minefield behind as she scoured for any place that she and Shizune could've missed.

Needless to say, the thought didn't make her happy. When she and Shizune had finished cleaning the place out, she'd been fairly confident she'd found every possible place anyone could ever put anything in the office. Being told she'd missed a spot made her want to punch things. Hard.

But that was the council for you.
Saturday, March 15th, 2008
6:49 pm
Bite to eat [Kurenai, Hinata]
One thing to be said about the massive amounts of paperwork that Intel generated was that Asuma was getting his wish in wanting to keep Kurenai close to home. With the reports still coming in and the backlog from the last two months while the villaged focused on reconstruction, she'd found it easier to requisition a hammock that she strung up behind her desk to sleep in. That way she could get more done and didn't even need to leave her office except to eat and use the bathroom.

...It didn't help that Asuma had been doing pretty much the same thing in the Hokage's office, since the council named him the Rokudaime. The first night she understood. The second, not so much.Collapse )
1:27 am
[Thread] Sparring [Isamu, Osamu, Hinata]
Hinata stood near the training post, hands folded in front of her stomach as she waited anxiously. She'd left a note for the twins when she couldn't find them earlier, but she wasn't sure if they'd received it or not. But she'd decided to wait at the place she'd mentioned just in case.

It was difficult, though. Between the cold wind and her own racing thoughts, she wondered if perhaps today was a good day to ask to train. But she needed some form of distraction and rebuilding wasn't offering what she needed.

And she did like her cousins' company.

[[I hope this is ok to start this like this. If not I can make changes.]]

Current Mood: nervous
Friday, March 14th, 2008
11:13 pm
Mission Desk
Objective: A scroll in the Hokage's tower was found alluding to Godaime's secret stash. While this is most likely either (a) sake (b) gambling debt slips or (c) both with a dash of more sake, it is still a potential security risk. And it is safe to assume that any place the Godaime tried to hide something will be riddled with booby traps.

Rank: B

Who: 2-3 of jounin rank

(if interested in volunteering, please reply to this post ICly)
11:10 pm
Mission Desk
Objective: Help set up a basic soup kitchen for refugees as well as help in preparing one dinner. Kitchen itself to be constructed by the Akimichi clan.

Rank: D

Who: Akimichi Chouji (team leader); 2 others of any rank

(if interested in volunteering, please reply to this post ICly)
Thursday, March 13th, 2008
1:24 am
Mail Delivery [Sai, Naruto]
This. Was. Utter. Crap.

And not the kind of crap that someone could laugh about later. This was the kind that you stepped in, got nauseous over, and never wanted to experience again EVER. This... was the dreaded mail duty mission. A mission the council normally gave to academy students had suddenly warranted the attention of one ex-maverik ninja named Naruto Uzumaki... and said ninja wasn't happy.Collapse )
Wednesday, March 12th, 2008
3:16 pm
[Thread] Oops? [Sakura and Kiba]
Kiba decided that he was very lucky, for two reasons. The first reason was that Sakura was actually going to see him, when she was already busy as is. The second reason was, his nice dark jacket hid the bruises that his sister would have beat him for getting in the first place.

Really, it was quite handy.

Petting Akamaru's head and making sure he was all right (there was no way the giant dog would fit in Sakura's apartment) he headed upstairs. Keeping his arm tucked close to him, he knocked lightly on the door, listening for noises. "Hey, Sakura? It's Kiba."

Current Mood: sore
Monday, March 10th, 2008
11:32 pm
Your new Hokage is...
"Then we're agreed?"

Nods and a smattering of "yes" came as a response while Council Leader Nariaki tapped a sheaf of papers into order. "Excellent," he continued. Relief removed the oppressive weight from his shoulders. "Then let us inform the village, and our new Hokage, of our decision."


The announcement spread through the village quickly, as trying to get everyone together for the ceremonial 'donning of the robe' seemed a bit impractical. While more people were healed of their injuries, there were plenty more still recovering, and halting the necessary construction for the sake of show was vetoed as soon as it hit the table. They were still fighting a war, despite the lull in battles.

Nevertheless, it was official: the Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village is none other than Sarutobi Asuma.
Sunday, March 9th, 2008
4:24 pm
Birds of a feather [Neji, Sai, Sakura]
Another shift over with, Neji went about his usual pattern. First he showered, then padded back to his dorm to dress in civilian clothes. Meaning not his uniform. He toweled his hair dry and combed it thoroughly, and let it hang loose down to mid-back. He had a few hours before the next shift, and he needed to eat. Down to the cafeteria, then.

As usual the place was mostly empty.Collapse )
Saturday, March 8th, 2008
4:24 pm
Mission Desk
Objective: Escort a group of monks from the Great Fire Temple to Konoha. The monks have been volunteered by the Houshi-sama to aid in reconstruction. Estimated duration is three weeks; one week to get to the temple quickly, two to escort the monks back here. [Backdated to January Y24.]

Rank: C

Who: Two shinobi, chuunin or higher.

(if interested in volunteering, please reply to this post ICly)
3:52 pm
Mission Desk
Objective: Distribution of mail that survived the invasion. Mail addressed to survivors is to be delivered promptly. Mail addressed to the deceased is to be delivered to the Hokage Tower, first floor. Mission is to be completed within five days of assignment.

Rank: D

Who: Uzumaki Naruto
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