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new_leaf_rpg's Journal

New Leaf: A Naruto RPG
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Cross-posted to the mod journal, the main community, and the ooc community:

Due to lack of interest, new_leaf_rpg has been declared
closed and dead.

To all of our lovely players: though we are saddened at the game's death, we still think you are awesome and we will miss you.

The Mods

Ten years since one of the Leaf's own defected to Sound, lured by the promise of the power to kill his brother, the shinobi world finds itself on the brink of a Fourth War. Already the lines have been drawn. Leaf and Sand, united by the friendship of Uzumaki Naruto and Sabaku no Gaara, stand firm against the allied forces of Sound and Rock. For the moment, Lightning and Mist are taking full advantage of their geographical isolation to watch and weigh their choices.

Power shifted suddenly when the combined forces of Sound and Rock invaded the Leaf only days after chance gave them advance warning. Enough time to prepare, but not enough to repel. In a terrific and costly battle, Tsunade and Jiraiya were slain by Orochimaru, who in turn died at the hand of his protegé, Uchiha Sasuke. Assuming command of Sound's forces, he withdrew them from Konoha, but not before leaving scores of Konoha shinobi dead or wounded, with large sections of the village damaged or destroyed.

The Konoha Village Council, displeased with and disapproving of the late Godaime's choice for a successor, have instead decided they would choose the Rokudaime. In the meantime, for the village must have a figurehead to lead, they elected Hyuuga Hiashi to act as viceroy.

With the future of the Leaf uncertain, continent-wide war looming overhead, and Sasuke's motives unknown, anything can happen. The Rookie Nine Eight are all jounin now, and this is their time. Everything they've learned, everything they've experienced... For good or ill, now is when they make the future - for themselves and for their village.

But can they meet the challenge?

How Konoha Stands as of January Year 24 (at game start)

How Sound Stands as of March Year 24 (3 months post-game start)

Your Mods
Lex & Mina & Spaz

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