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[Thread] On The Road Again [Isamu, Osamu, Sakura, Kiba]

Kiba decided that it was nice to be on a mission again. It was weird, and a little upsetting, to be without his normal team, but still- being out was good. He loved his home, he always would, but the world kept turning and they still needed to be taking missions. One with missing people was good for Team 8 all around. But Shino was still out and Isamu, Osamu, and Sakura were all good people to work with.

...heh. Poor Sakura.

They had been on the road for a few days now, and they should have been hitting their destination, either later that night or the next day. Kiba himself was taking point, riding easily a top Akako. The weather was nice, and the mission had been easy for these few days. He could tell- this was going to be just fine.
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