Hyuuga Hanabi (whiteeyedheir) wrote in new_leaf_rpg,
Hyuuga Hanabi

Birthday celebrations

((OOC: Backdated to Saturday March 29th, and open to everyone in Konoha that Hanabi invited either directly or indirectly))

The Lotus was modestly decorated. Hanabi hadn't asked for any sort of decorations, but the staff said that it had been a long time since they'd gotten to use them. Hanabi wasn't going to bother arguing if they were choosing to decorate for their own reasons. After all, it had been quite some time since any celebrations had occurred, and it was far enough from the big attack on Konoha that a small occasion was warranted.

The young Hyuuga didn't care if anyone brought her any presents. Given the war going on, it was a gift to be able to get together with family and friends, and to have a moderate sized group all able to show up at once. However, she knew some presents were coming and was glad that Sakura had advised her to be cautious about anything Ino might give.
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