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Bite to eat [Kurenai, Hinata]

One thing to be said about the massive amounts of paperwork that Intel generated was that Asuma was getting his wish in wanting to keep Kurenai close to home. With the reports still coming in and the backlog from the last two months while the villaged focused on reconstruction, she'd found it easier to requisition a hammock that she strung up behind her desk to sleep in. That way she could get more done and didn't even need to leave her office except to eat and use the bathroom.

...It didn't help that Asuma had been doing pretty much the same thing in the Hokage's office, since the council named him the Rokudaime. The first night she understood. The second, not so much. And when a third night went by and he still hadn't come back she had decided she didn't like sleeping in an empty bed with the omnipresent smell of tobacco (but no Asuma) so she decided to camp out in her office. She told one of the Inuzuka to tell Kiba she was doing so; that way if her kids needed to find her, they could.

So even though she was putting in about sixteen to eightteen hours a day the paperwork never seemed to lesson. And something else bothered her but she couldn't seem to put her finger on what or why. So Hinata's request to meet up to talk created the perfect opportunity to get out of her office, spend some time with Hinata, and give her brain a chance to rest. Also, it would make sure Shizune didn't find her and call her a hypocrite when it came to working. Now, the matter of carving out a chunk of time to see Hinata was... accomplished. And that's all she would say to anyone on the subject.

The eatery she chose was small, had an outdoor eating area as well as an indoor, and close to her building. She had had her meals there often for a long time, ever since Asuma had called her predictable because she used to take her lunch at Ichiraku at the same time every Wednesday. Of course, he had simply found her new chosen spot and still called her predictable. But the food was good enough that she ignored his jibes at her habits. The smells of that food wafted out from the kitchen, and she let herself enjoy them as she waited for Hinata to arrive.
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