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Mail Delivery [Sai, Naruto]

This. Was. Utter. Crap.

And not the kind of crap that someone could laugh about later. This was the kind that you stepped in, got nauseous over, and never wanted to experience again EVER. This... was the dreaded mail duty mission. A mission the council normally gave to academy students had suddenly warranted the attention of one ex-maverik ninja named Naruto Uzumaki... and said ninja wasn't happy.

Needless to say... he had put off the mission until the last minute, waiting until the council started yelling at him for delaying the mail and threatening to dock the meager pay he was getting for the mission. Deciding that he had annoyed them about as much as they had him, the blond had actually gotten started with the mission.

And it was boring.

Sighing tiredly and huffing a blast of air up towards the almost lifeless blond locks falling over his head protector, Naruto felt the last of his fifth batch of clones vanish into the air, sending back word of their letter being properly delivered. Muttering under his breath, the blond formed the hand seal for the jutsu once again and felt his chakra divide into twenty equal parts as the small poofs of smoke around him signified yet another successful kage bunshin run. He held out the large bag that held the mail to be delivered and watched as each clone took a bundle of letter and ran off into the city... or what was left of it anyway. It was amazing how much mail had piled up over just four days of putting it off... and this was only half of it. He currently had two clones working on sorting the list into those still alive and those who were dead, and even if they were almost done... he still had a lot to do.

"This... sucks," he informed a clone who was taking a bundle of letters from the bag. The clone merely raised his head and grinned meekly before replying.

"Tell me about it," he said before saluting tiredly and jumping up onto a nearby roof to run off in a random direction. As soon as the last clone disappeared Naruto slumped to the ground, yelling in triumph as the flood of information he received informed him that his two sorting clones had finished their task, and that they only had approximately 100 letters left to deliver.

Closing his eyes and stretching out his tired muscles, Naruto allowed himself to doze off slightly, blinking blearily as each clone completed their tasks. As the last one delivered his last letter, Naruto regarded the bag in front of him and measured the trek of the sun across the sky. By his calculations he had already gone through almost three hundred clones and it was already midday. Not only were his chakra reserves running low enough to make him drowzy, but he was bored... and absorbing every clone's physical exhaustion from running across the village dozens and dozens and dozens of times really warranted a nap.

And so, the blond dragged the bag of undelivered letters towards his head and plopped down on it, dozing off almost instantly. He faintly felt the brush of familiar chakra against his, but didn't bother with it enough to actually wake up. Instead, he just fell further into a much needed nap, dreaming of ramen and giant toads dancing with chopsticks.

[ooc/ I lied >.> this kept me up until I wrote it]
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