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Your new Hokage is...

"Then we're agreed?"

Nods and a smattering of "yes" came as a response while Council Leader Nariaki tapped a sheaf of papers into order. "Excellent," he continued. Relief removed the oppressive weight from his shoulders. "Then let us inform the village, and our new Hokage, of our decision."


The announcement spread through the village quickly, as trying to get everyone together for the ceremonial 'donning of the robe' seemed a bit impractical. While more people were healed of their injuries, there were plenty more still recovering, and halting the necessary construction for the sake of show was vetoed as soon as it hit the table. They were still fighting a war, despite the lull in battles.

Nevertheless, it was official: the Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village is none other than Sarutobi Asuma.
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