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Birds of a feather [Neji, Sai, Sakura]

Another shift over with, Neji went about his usual pattern. First he showered, then padded back to his dorm to dress in civilian clothes. Meaning not his uniform. He toweled his hair dry and combed it thoroughly, and let it hang loose down to mid-back. He had a few hours before the next shift, and he needed to eat. Down to the cafeteria, then.

As usual the place was mostly empty. Some staples the workers kept within easy access for ANBU-on-the-go, but if you wanted an actual meal you had to order it so that food wasn't wasted. Neji didn't mind. Most of the food places worked in this manner; the cafeteria allowed for some privacy and order. Outside was still a mess, but in here little had changed. Again, aside from the absence of people.

He selected some whole fruit before claiming a table in quick walking distance to the pick-up window. The orange he held looked dull and dirty to the outside, and for some reason it made him think of Naruto. The Council didn't want him as Hokage. Neji knew who they were looking hard at: the jounin-sensei to the shinobi of Naruto's year. Kakashi and Asuma were easy to understand. Kurenai? Not as much. Unless they were going by experience? The woman had done numerous undercover missions, and she understood people well and could make a good leader/diplomat. It still seemed a stretch to him.

He wondered how Asuma was taking the news. Asuma had been Neji's sempai back when the younger jounin had first entered ANBU five years ago. Neji liked to think he knew the man decently well, and he knew Asuma would never accept the job unless no other option existed. Either way, the sooner the village had a Hokage again, the better.
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